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Receiving a postcard in your mailbox is always an unexpected and joyous suprise. It means that someone, wherever they were, was thinking about you. We believe such a simple gesture of sending out a postcard, hand-made by you, is an act that definitely will instantaneously put a smile on their face. And knowing that, isn’t it worth the postage stamp?

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Just for you.

Postkunstwerk is an on-the-go canvas for everyone of all ages and all sorts of creative thinking. We believe art is subjective and that’s what makes Postkunstwerk a flexible product for the people.

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Simply postcards.

We thoroughly tested with all sorts of mediums from acrylic paint to fruit juices to find the ideal paper for your creativity. As we know, each person approaches a blank canvas differently, either with full confidence or no idea where to start, so it was key for us to provide different templates and paper color in order to let each of you find what is comfortable to start with.


Designed to rekindle your inner creativity.

Whether you need to create a postcard for someone’s birthday, a special holiday or when you’re off travelling, your friends and family are always happy to recieve a personal message on a postcard hand-made by you! Use any medium on the postcards, such as paint, pencil, ink, etc… and once you are finished, simply mail your creation off into the world.