Product Design and Development, Photography

I love espresso and every drink made with an espresso. This is a product I originally designed for myself since I couldn’t find a Knockbox I loved at first sight.

I hope you enjoy this product as much I do.


How it is made

The Knockbox is made out of concrete, a fascinating material which we love to experiment with. Every piece is produced by hand in a small production, we make sure we put some love in every Knockbox. We are happy to produce this product in Switzerland.



This Knockbox is made for the use at home. And should sit next to your espresso machine.


Product Care

In general our Knockbox require very little maintenance. The concrete and silicone stick can be washed with soap water. The Knockbox will improve with age when it takes on some of this delicious coffee color. If you wish you can get your concrete sealed with a concrete sealer.